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Simplifying The Law of Accommodation

  In part 1 of this series, we discussed the first principle that helps direct our program design- progressive overload.  To quickly review, we have...
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3 Week Bench Press Specialization Program

Every now and then, for one reason or another, training progress can stall, or you may encounter an injury that sidelines other training goals you...
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Are You Setting Realistic Goals?

First off, I fully get it that everyone wants to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  Some would almost kill to...
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Join The Synergy Strength Crew & Take Your Training To A Whole New Level!

Welcome to my site!  Let’s gets you informed…

  • The Synergy Strength Club coaching team boasts 30+ years of diversified strength & conditioning, athletic development and injury rehabilitation experience. We know first hand what it takes to achieve serious results, and together as a team, provide our members with monthly programming, education, video analyses and a community of like minded  people to share success with and improve accountability.
  • Year round, we work closely to handle the full time programming, injury management and coaching of World class athletes, National Champions, dedicated fitness enthusiasts and men, women and youth of all other experience levels.
  • We pride ourselves on over-delivering to our clients, and making sure the experience and results they receive exceed their expectations.


  • I love training with Chris at Synergy because of the high-energy and individualized coaching I get. Chris’s experiences as a former wrestler give him a unique perspective on how to train those involved in combative sports, like myself. My program is tailored specifically to my unique demands as a high performance athlete, and Chris works collaboratively with me and my coaches to help me properly peak for important tournaments throughout the year…
    Sam Stewart, Black Bears Wrestling Club
    (2016 Pan American Champion, 2016 Senior Canadian National Champion)

    Sam Stewart
    Black Bears Wrestling Club
  • “When I began training with Chris in April, 2015, my goal was to increase my functional strength and conditioning, in hopes of improving my wrestling performance. Being a former wrestler himself, Chris was able to incorporate a variety of diverse exercises that would simulate movements of a combat sport. ”…
    Allyssa Cleaves, Black Bears Wrestling Club
    (2016 FISU World Champion, 2016 CIS Gold Medalist)

    Allyssa Cleaves
    Black Bears Wrestling Club
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