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I love training with Chris at Synergy because of the high-energy and individualized coaching I get. Chris’s experiences as a former wrestler give him a unique perspective on how to train those involved in combative sports, like myself. My program is tailored specifically to my unique demands as a high performance athlete, and Chris works collaboratively with me and my coaches to help me properly peak for important tournaments throughout the year.

I came to Synergy because I wanted a strength and conditioning coach who would design a creative, sport-specific workout regimen unique to me, be available to give me one-on-one attention during my training sessions, and be passionate about me as an athlete and an individual. Chris has more than delivered in these areas, especially when it comes to caring about my success and helping me reach my goals.

Sam Stewart
UNB Black Bears (International athlete)

“Chris Schnare’s operational model at Synergy Training Center, is an ideal model that addresses three main components; education, body Awareness and self-motivation/management. These are all integral components in the success of the individuals he works with. As the owner of Max Health Institute- operating as Atlantic Sport Medicine P.C., we as healthcare providers search to collaborate with reputable and evidenced based professionals in order to better serve our clients. Chris and his team at Synergy exemplify this without question, and our referral system with his team has paid big dividends for our clients now and will continue to do so in the future. I have been an Athletic Therapist/Osteopath for the past 20 years, working with high level University and National team athletes from a broad range of sports, and Chris is truly passionate and educated in his craft, and is without a doubt a leader not only in the Fredericton region, but within the Strength and Conditioning world.

Geoff Mabey
BPE, CAT(C), DO - Co-Owner Max Health Fredericton (o/a Atlantic Sports Medicine P.C.

Prior to joining Synergy, I was an active person. I lifted weights twice per week and ran 3-4
times per week, typically a 5 km distance. I was constantly sore, had a stiff neck, or a muscle
spasm at various locations in my back. I blamed this on a nagging neck injury, and on years of
competing at a National level and Division 1 school in the US for cross country and track and

Within a few months of training at Synergy, my strength, posture and overall physical comfort
improved. Although I had lifted weights for fifteen years, there were minute errors in my form
that accumulated throughout my workouts causing the problems I had been experiencing.

Chris was meticulous with correcting my form. He was so adamant about perfecting the
fundamentals of each exercise. This meant that I relearned all the basics- including push ups.
What was remarkable was how much stronger and how much less pain I was in from the fine
tuning of these movements.
Chris developed a program tailored to my running goals. I’m happy
to say that I have surpassed my days of uncomfortable short runs, and have now completed
two full marathons over the past 2 years. I feel stronger, healthier and happier with my training.

Amanda Bartlett
Marathon Runner, Former Division 1 Track & Field/Cross Country Runner

I went to see Chris at Synergy after speaking with many strong recommendations from many of my friends. I was skeptical at first because I had given up on thinking that anyone would be able to help me with my back pain. It took me months of consideration before I contacted Chris and now, I wish I had messaged him sooner. I used to train six times a week and had to completely stop for months because my doctors and physiotherapists advised me to rest after my injury. After many assessments from many different health professionals, no one was able to identify where my pain was coming from. I started to believe that the constant pain was in my head and it was debilitating. Chris’ assessment was very thorough and he made sure to explore all the areas of my injury and any related history. He explained everything to me in order to educate and inform me on my body and its functions as well as educate me on my injury and how it affects my day to day movements. It has been less than three weeks since I had my first assessment and I am happy to say that most days I have no symptoms of my chronic back pain and on days I have small flare ups my pain is completely manageable. I am extremely happy with my progress so far at Synergy Training Center and I highly recommend anyone with any back pain to meet with Chris for an assessment!

Hanhy Yoon

I showed up to Synergy Training Center in January of 2018, needing a major change. I have severe arthritis in my lumbar spine and reduced mobility in my entire posterior chain. Chris immediately took me through a comprehensive assessment and took the time to get to know my history. Within a day I was on a customized program built specifically to address my trouble areas while building whole body functionality and strength. Chris and his team of coaches are constantly giving pointers and solving problems regarding technique and programming. Chris reviews my notes on my program and has given me progressive programs every 2-3 weeks, keeping things interesting and challenging along the way. My back pain and stiffness is gone, I have shed some body weight and feel strong and mobile again. Chris and his team have given me back my independence and I can not wait to see what I can achieve over the next few months and years.

M.D. Boudreau
Retired military and international Taekwondo competitor

I have known Chris Schnare for around 6 years and I would have to say he’s the most energetic and motivating person I have ever met. You can feel his passion as soon as you start talking to him, and it’s hard not to become excited along with him. He brings expertise, passion, knowledge and there is no doubt that you will learn and grow from training with him. Chris is very strategic in his approach and executes every training session with meaning and purpose, it could be said that he views your weakness as a strength waiting to happen. I have had the honour of working and training with Chris and know that his experience in specializing in human movement is second to none. Chris is the consumable professional and possesses the work ethic and skill set to design specific programs to meet any athlete’s needs. I have learned a lot from Chris and feel he has been an inspiration in both my life and training.

Krista Grant

The interdisciplinary approach with rehabilitation from an injury is why I highly recommend Chris at Synergy Training Centre. Chris’s dedication to serve his clients and his willingness to support youth athletes with their development is paramount in fostering proper form and strength training to advance athletes in their sport. Chris works with interdisciplinary teams from physiotherapists to doctors and develops programs to meet the needs of his clients.

Lisa Martin
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